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Pastor Tshifhiwa Irene | legacy, debts & cause of death


TV Channel

,You will remember that Pastor Irene was the first South African pastor to have a Television Channel, not a program on other people’s channels. She was popular for filling up stadiums whenever she made an appearance in South Africa and neighboring countries. Thousands of believers would pack up in stadiums in hopes of receiving a blessing, a miracle, and transformation, and later watch those programs on WRS TV Channel.

As we speak now, that channel is no longer exists and has been off-air long before her passing. The costs were too high for the ministry to afford.

The Ministry

Below is a picture of the Khoisans who got saved while she was ministering in Botswana, they got an invitation as special guests at Piditch Stadium in Pretoria.

Khoisan special guests at Piditch Stadium in Pretoria
Followers of Pastor Irene at Pilditch Stadium Pretoria

Many churches were planted as a result of Pastor Tshifhiwa Irene’s followership.

  • CWC Thembisa is one of them, under an avid follower of Pastor Irene, Pastor Zachariah Musandiwa, at who’s passing in 2013 (during a January fasting prayer) his young brother and a businessman, Past Lazarus Musandiwa (died 2015) took over the leadership. This caused a bit of friction between Pastor Irene and Pastor Lazarous because Pastor Irene thought the church will be under her leadership since she helped in starting it. The church later changed to His Will and does no longer form part of Pastor Tshifhiwa Irene’s legacy.
  • CWC Soweto under the leadership of Pastor Dr Lumadi is no longer part of her legacy since it withdrew its affiliation.
  • WRS Johannesburg CBD still stands

In a nutshell, the few churches that still upholds Pastore Tshifhiwa Irene’s faith, is CWC Polokwane branch, under the leadership of Pastor Dagada, and Musina. WRS remains under the leadership of Pastor Edson Mphaphuli, one of Pastor Irene’s followers.

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